Past Projects

Foot Stretching device:  

Reverse Engineer, CAD Design and Design for Manufacturing

A small business owner approached us to reverse engineer a prototype of a foot stretching device. We were provided 3 prototype samples. Using hand measurement tools, and CMM we were able to reverse engineer the product and produce a 3D CAD model. This model was then refined to ensure proper draft angles were included. In addition we were able to scale the CAD model to produce “small” and “large” versions of the product.

Automotive Aftermarket Pulley

Design, Tesing and Manufacturing

Design an aftermarket crank pulley. Completed CAD design. FEA analysis for both static load and dynamic (vibration). Developed test plan with static test with loads cells along with dynamic testing.  Completed test fixtures and finished testing. Developed CNC machining process and completed production machining.

Underwater Camera Case


Completed CAD design of a underwater camera case.  Camera case designed for personal submarines and underwater robots.  Sealed to at least 100ft water depth. Sealed electrical connectors to allow power and streaming video.


Design and Prototype

Developed a design concept for a lamp were “the cord was not an after thought”. Developed concept though hand drawings and CAD design. Completed production of prototype functional lamps. Hidden capacative switches were integrated into design.