Sketch to SKU will locate high quality/low cost manufactures though our extensive network of suppliers in Asia.  These suppliers are all companies with have a strong personal relationship with. We have been working with all of our suppliers for years and have performed onsite system and process audits.

Onsite system audits

Before we work with any supplier we conduct a through onsite assessment. We review purchasing, receiving inspection, manufacturing equipment, capacity, inspection, engineering and financials.

Manufacturing Simulations

We perform though manufacturing simulations of most manufacturing process to determine the processing time and cost of your product even before we get quotes from suppliers.  Combine with or monitoring of commodity prices this allows us to truly understand the labor and material cost of your product.

Supply Chain

We will build a value added supply chain which ensures good quality and low cost. We will ensure that requirements for each supplier in the supply chain are objectively defined. We will define packaging and handling methods to prevent in-process damage. In addition we define outgoing and receiving inspection at each point in the supply chain to ensure quality and prevent “pass though” defects.

Process reviews

We review all suppliers process BEFORE the start of production. Before production is started we approve a Process Plan. We work with our suppliers to develop real-time inprocess inspection. We do not depend on “final inspection” to find a problem once your manufacturing run is done and all the parts are defective. We develop detailed machine process parameters to ensure there is no variation from lot to lot.

Final inspection

All products will undergo a formal final inspection. Inspection records are posted real-time on our online Program Management website.