Sketch to SKU specialized in design of mechanical and electro-mechanical products. Our structured Design process is based on the the NPI process to ensure that not only are all design requirements exceeded or met.


Design Input

We do not require a formal drawing or other formal input to start the design process. We are more than happy to work from a “napkin sketch” or just a verbal description of your idea.  We work with a variety of CAD system and can import both IGES and native CAD systems.


Reverse Inspection

Sketch to SKU offers a variety of “Reverse Engineering” services to take your physical part, prototype or sample and import it into our CAD systems.  We use  CMMs, Photogrammetry and Laser Scanning to quickly and accurately import your physical sample to our ” virtual” CAD world.



Once we have your design completed we begin several design iterations by using “Design for Manufacturability” to ensure your design is cheap and  easy to manufacture.


Virtual Testing

We also offer virtual product testing. We can complete basic static “strength” testing with FEA software. Water, Airflow and Cooling testing can all be completed using CFD software even before the prototype is built. Dynamic testing such as “drop” or impact testing can be completed also with FEA software.  Machines and mechanisms can be tested such as gear trains, linkages and electrical actuators.


Project Managment

The complete design process is managed with our online Project Management web portal. Real time update on every step of the process are avaiable. All file managment is also completed on the web portal. Revision/Version history is completley managed on the web portal insuring you can always be sure you have the latest file.